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White Lie is the heartwarming journey of Greg, a plush rabbit toy in search of his missing owner in a surreal and desolate world. Overcome the challenges from your past with Emma, and uncover the truth behind everything that is happening.


White Lie's idea came when we wondered what we could make different in order to create a game with an emotional story. We've started searching for references, and inspired by fairy tales and some experimental japanese artists, we've reached the concept of a relationship between a 10 years old girl and her favorite toy, a plush rabbit. From that we began developing their story and what we wanted the player to live while playing White Lie.


  • Charming hand-drawn art style.
  • Dreams and feelings of a toy in search of its owner.
  • Exploration of a surreal universe.
  • Emotional story between a little girl and her favorite toy.
  • A journey toward the truth.


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Awards & Recognition

  • "Contemplated in the Spcine public notice for games." São Paulo, 2016

Selected Articles

  • "For a game that’s only been in development a few months, the first teasers are looking gorgeous."
    - Maddi Chilton, Kill Screen
  • "We can highlight the meticulous artistic work in the game."
    - Luiz Silva, Game Reporter
  • "Help Greg find his owner!"
    - Rany, Garotas Geeks
  • "One of the most attractive points on White Lie is its hand drawn art style"
    - Carolina Costa, IGN Brasil

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A studio developing games with high artistic value, aiming to be recognized in the indie ecosystem for its original creations and innovative art styles.

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White Lie - Presskit Credits

Gabriel Carioca
Business & Production, Ambize

Cynthia Liz
Art Director & Artist, Ambize

Patrícia Miyazima

Caio Piologo
Gameplay Programmer, Ambize

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